The Monetary Value of Good UI Design

Pop quiz: in what corner can you generally find the search bar on most websites? If you answered top-right, you are correct!

But why do most web designers choose to place the search bar there? Why not top-left? Or the bottom-right? The answer comes down to the search of good user interface design.

What is UI?

Let’s break this concept down into pieces. First of all, what is user interface, or UI? Great question! UI refers to what the user sees when using your website or app—buttons, sliders, images, text, and anything else which is placed purposefully in a specific location on your design. Good UI design comprises of two elements: practicality (can the user use and navigate your design easily?) and looks (is it pleasing to the eye?). Bad UI design causes your potential users or customers to drop out – don’t lose the opportunity to tell your story!

Boise Web Design Work 1
This website has clear-cut navigation straight from the home page – you know where to go if you want to contact the company, for example.

Invisible UI

Moving on, good UI should be “invisible.” What does it mean for UI to be invisible? Another great question! Knowing subconsciously where the search bar normally is on a website is an example of invisible UI design. The user shouldn’t have to actively look for elements on your design; they should subconsciously know where to find what they need. Making your designs stand out from the crowd is incredibly important, yes, but knowing when the crowd may be right is equally important. A fine line must be found between copying others and paving your own trail in order to achieve true invisibility in your design.

Why is this important?

So why is all of this important? Three great questions in a row – you’re on a roll! It comes down to user retention. Let’s apply this to your brand’s website – if the user finds your website to be confusing or displeasing to the eye (practicality and looks, remember), they will be discouraged from exploring your brand further. Don’t lose valuable customers due to bad user interface design – captivate them with an impressive-looking website and guide them along the story of your brand with a navigation which becomes second-nature.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of having good user interface design.

The focus should be on keeping it simple; don’t overload the user with information unless they ask for it. Notice the Search button in the top right! Invisibility, remember?

Moving On…The Statistics

We’re starting with statistics—after all, numbers don’t lie. According to Truelist, creating a good user experience can potentially boost your conversion rates by up to 400 percent. In addition, inVision states’s revenues jumped 35 percent after incorporating a homepage redesign to create a better user interface. And interestingly, after Bing shifted to using a certain hue of blue, their revenues skyrocketed 80 million dollars. This is proof that UI design is not always something the user notices; it’s a part of their subconscious which something as simple as colors can affect wildly.

As proven here, good user interface is not simply a tool for branding—it has monetary value for your business. InVision goes on to state that slow websites cost retailers $2.6 billion annually. If your business’ website is running on a figurative hamster wheel, it may be time to think about an upgrade.

Good user interface is not simply a tool for branding.

Putting it All Together

When building your brand, user interface design should not be an afterthought. Providing your users with a quality service begins with a quality online presence. You may be interested in our New Business Package, where we can create a fully-featured WordPress site for you for under $1000. If you need something a little more complex, drop us a line for a custom proposal! We are dedicated to helping your brand succeed, and it starts with a good website.

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