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We help public entities and small government transition to modern websites built for longevity.

Websites for small government and public entities are crucial to the communities they serve and carry a unique set of challenges. When you’re organization is ready to update, Made Right Media will help you get there.

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Our Process

Through years of experience helping public organizations rebuild their websites, we’ve established a proven process for achieving the best results on time and on budget.


The most important things to consider at the beginning of any project are the objectives of the organization, the people using the site, and what they’re using it for. One of the common mistakes many organizations make is organizing their information based on their internal ‘department’ structure, and not what the general public might be searching for. The first step in our process involves a deep dive into the organization and its end users.


Once we understand the organization’s objectives and audience, we can then analyze its content and devise the best way to organize it so that it’s simple to create, simple to publish, simple to find, and simple to archive. The website should be a place for information, not a point of frustration.


Next, we create a design system that is intuitive, easy on the eyes, ADA accessible, SEO friendly, and most importantly, scalable. Public websites grow and change over time, undergoing multiple staff changes, and regulation changes. Maintaining the look and feel of the website is crucial to its longevity and the organization’s ROI on rebuilding the website.


Unfortunately, migrating content is never as easy as ‘export/import’. Luckily, Made Right Media’s team has facilitated the transition of hundreds of pages of content edited by dozens of staff from different departments. During the migration, we ensure everything is formatted correctly for ADA accessibility, SEO best practices, and of course, usability.


Once the website is complete, Made Right Media records several screencasts showing how to perform basic tasks, and also conducts live training for any staff members managing the website. After that training, a second round of screencasts can be made for any follow up questions or tasks.


With the project complete and the website live, Made Right Media transitions to a support role. Whether we’re helping your team take the reins, or we’re doing the updates for you, our tiered support team not only knows WordPress, but they know your particular website. We strive to ensure the website continues to serve it’s purpose for years to come.


Transition Management

Rebuilding a public website usually means managing multiple stakeholders, large teams, stacks of information, and many years of bloat. Our team is experienced in helping manage that change. We bring an outsider’s perspective, manage expectations, and have a proven process to collaboratively move things along.

Specialists in ADA Accessible Websites

ADA accessibility for public websites is a dynamic, emerging field that is more important now than ever. Our team has extensive expertise in building ADA-accessible websites and implementing the tools available to bring sites into compliance. We also support ADA compliance for PDFs, Word Documents, and PowerPoint Presentations.

Built on WordPress

WordPress is the go-to website platform for public entities and small government because it’s powerful, familiar, open source, and widely supported. We’ve been building almost exclusively with WordPress for 10+ years.

Amazing Support You Can Rely On

Your organization needs to be confident that the website is secure, up-to-date, and able to adapt to your objectives. Made Right Media offers several options for tiered, ongoing support to ensure your team has the skills and expertise they need to update and maintain the website. US-based and readily available, you can raise a ticket, pick up the phone, or jump on a video call.

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  • ADA Accessibility Compliance
  • Amazing Support
  • Detailed documentation
  • Multilingual 
  • Secure
  • Flexible Forms and Applications
  • SEO friendly
  • Content migration
  • Custom Integrations and Applications
  • Intuitive Meeting Agendas and Minutes Management

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