Central District Health

Central District Health (CDH) is a public entity charged with making their community healthier.

In a world where timely and accessible health communication is more crucial than ever, CDH recognized the need for an updated digital platform. They approached us to revitalize their website, ensuring that it could provide an optimal user experience for community members seeking health resources and care. Our task was to transform their extensive online content into a more navigable and user-friendly format, reflecting their commitment to public health and accessibility.

Web Design

ADA Accessibility

Automation and Consulting

We provided comprehensive consulting services to align CDH’s digital strategy with their organizational goals. This involved a complete rewrite of content on crucial web pages, contributed to by a large team, to ensure clarity and effectiveness in communication. Our strategic guidance helped CDH enhance its online presence to better serve and inform the community.

Understanding the need for efficient public interactions, we implemented several automated features, including forms and simplified contact methods that integrate seamlessly with CDH’s backend systems. This automation not only improves user experience but also streamlines CDH’s internal processes, making community engagement more manageable and responsive.

To serve a diverse community, we integrated multi-language support into the CDH website, offering translations in several languages. This feature ensures that non-English speakers can also access important health information, promoting broader community wellness.