The Boise City/Ada County Housing Authority is a public entity that administers and facilitates affordable housing programs and development in the city of Boise and Ada County.

BCACHA are two separate, pseudo-government agencies that administer public housing programs like Section 8 and HUD housing for the city of Boise and Ada County. They walk a tight rope of administering housing programs, serving the people in the programs, and making recommendations on policy. It’s a busy, complex operation with stake holders from both private and public sectors.

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Emergency Rental Assistance Program

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One challenge BCACHA faced was distilling a multitude of complex housing programs and presenting them in a way that was easy to understand, easy to find, and accessible to all. Made Right Media reorganized over 80 pages of information with simplified navigation and a user questionnaire that helps people find programs relevant to them. 
The website also adhered to ADA accessibility guidelines, ensuring that disabled users could find the information they need.

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