O2 Real Estate Group

A Real Estate Agency in Boise, Idaho that stands out in the real estate market with its innovative approach to property listings and client services.

When O2 Real Estate presented us with a visionary design for their new website, they faced a significant challenge: integrating an advanced IDX feed into WordPress, a functionality that didn’t yet exist. Our team was tasked with not only developing the website but also creating the groundbreaking technology needed to bring their vision to life, all while adhering to their stringent branding guidelines.

Web Development

Custom Technology (VistaWP)

Automation and Consulting

In addition to web development, we automated various back-end processes for O2 Real Estate. This included automating the listing update process, which ensures that the IDX feed is consistently synchronized without manual intervention. Our automation solutions help O2 maintain an efficient and accurate online presence, crucial for real-time real estate marketing.

Our consulting services played a crucial role in aligning O2’s website functionality with their business objectives. We advised on the best practices for integrating real estate listings and optimizing the site for user engagement and lead generation, ensuring that every element of the site serves their strategic goals.