CusterTel is a co-op telecom provider based in Central Idaho, serving a very remote part of the state with cell phone coverage and fiber optic internet.

CusterTel is a telecommunications provider based in the scenic heart of Central Idaho. They specialize in delivering robust cell phone coverage and high-speed fiber optic internet to some of the most remote areas in the state. As they sought to enhance their brand and digital presence, they turned to Made Right Media’s expertise.

Branding and Photography

Web Design

We completely overhauled the CusterTel website, enhancing its architecture for better user experience and SEO performance. The redesign focused on streamlining navigation and optimizing the site layout to improve search rankings and user engagement. The new design is not only visually appealing but also more functional, featuring a custom-built online application designed to automate service sign-ups and customer support, significantly easing the operational load.

Automation and Consulting

Our strategic consulting helped CusterTel align their operations more closely with their mission and the unique needs of their rural customer base. We developed a custom-built online application, integrated seamlessly into the site. The online application we developed is a testament to our commitment to innovative solutions, automating key aspects of CusterTel’s customer interactions and back-end processes.