CR Languages

CR Languages is a private language school located in Boise, Idaho that offers both in-person and online language programs.

CR Languages has a deep partnership with Made Right Media. They rely on us in executing almost every aspect of their business, branding, assets, and marketing collateral, from student signup automation, to powering online courses, email marketing, PPC, and SEO. Over the years, we’ve developed an intimate knowledge of their business and industry, and are with them in every step of planning, executing, and optimizing.

Branding, Website, and Photography

After 9 years in business, it was time for CR Languages to reimagine their brand and grow into the reputation they had built for themselves. Made Right Media created a new customer experience inspired by the golden age of travel. The new website improved the user experience for all of their market segments, which resulted in a huge boost in conversion rates, bounce rates, and goal conversions. All in all, an outstanding impact on their bottom line.

Books and E-Learning

CR Languages had produced a series of Spanish course books for use in-house. When COVID-19 hit, Made Right Media helped move all of their classes online, and helped transform their in-house manuscripts to fully published books selling on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and direct through their website. The books align with their online courses, and allow students to submit exercises, download a glossary, and purchase an audio book. In the coming months, and years, CR Languages will continue to expand that revenue source with very little overhead.

New Site

New Users
+ 10 %
+ 20 %
Bounce Rate
- 0 %



Like most businesses, CR Languages uses several internal tools and platforms to operate, and connecting them all together is not always easy. With Made Right Media’s help, their student signup form now sends data to 3 different applications, which has saved dozens of hours in administrative tasks.
When the Coronavirus forced all classes online, students and teachers needed an easy way to send and receive documents for homework without using or exchanging personal email addresses. In response, Made Right Media built ‘The Doc Exchange”, a unique, simple, and robust solution to the problem.