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Whether we like it or not, social media has become a public journal of our lives, and chances are, anyone you plan on interacting with in the business world is going to track you down on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, (the list goes on). In reality, that is a good thing. That is exactly what we want; the more ways people can find out about us on the internet, the stronger we can build our reputation and rapport.

But slapping together any old profile and uploading that grainy picture from the family reunion last year doesn’t quite cut it. Having a professional social media profile photo is an investment worth considering. It doesn’t cost much, and having a unified image across all of the social media platforms and your website shows that you care, and you know what you are doing. And since most people will see a picture of you on your website or Facebook before actually meeting you in person, that first impression is very important.

BioSampleTo see what I am talking about, here is a professional social media profile photo from a recent shoot (with my beautiful wife). In addition to having a nice portrait for the website, we’ve also cropped the image down and given it the correct dimensions for uploading to social media platforms.

Having the correct dimensions for your professional social media profile photos is also extremely important so that they don’t get distorted or stretched out (heaven forbid making you look more rotund than desired). Luckily, the good people over at DigiFloor have put together a wonderful infographic with all the details (see below).

At Made Right Media, our knowledge of web technologies and photography marry perfectly for professional social media profile photos shoots. If you’re interested in scheduling one, just get in touch.

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