It’s a beautiful website, no doubt. But what about those update warnings? And how do you change that one section of text? Why is the spacing all messed up?

We get it. Your website was billed as ‘easy to use’, but it’s actually much more complicated than it looks.

Learn why and how your WordPress website does what it does, and know what you’re doing the next time you need to update it.

Course Details

• Next session will be in January, 2020, exact dates and time TBD
• Held at our offices near downtown Boise
• Immersive group size of only 10 students
• 6 hours of in-depth, personal training
• Guided work sessions with your actual website

Common Questions

Who should take this course?

If you manage a WordPress website, but didn’t build the site yourself, you should take this course. We’ll cover the ins and outs of how your website works and how you can update it and make changes.

Do I need to know any ‘tech’ beforehand?

Definitely not! The course is geared for someone who has no background in anything ‘web’.

Will I learn how to build a site?

No, this course does not teach you how to build a website. It focuses on working with a website that was built for you.

Ready to enroll? Have questions?