Your website is the first product your customers interact with, the poster of your brand, the focal point of your marketing campaign, and an incredibly powerful tool; it’s much more than a simple page with information. It should be robust and versatile, and should work to complement your business and enable your team.


We design and build great websites, but more than that, we help you build your business. We know how businesses work because we run a couple ourselves, which allows us to really understand the ins and outs of your business.

Building a website is a discovery process that forces everyone to really understand the customer, the business, the product or service, and the brand. Getting it all sorted out can get messy, but we know the process well and have the systems in place to ensure every project is completed on time and within budget. Our workflow is completely transparent and inclusive; after all, it’s a team effort.

WordPress Training: Are you frustrated with managing your current WordPress site? We’ve got just the seminar for you! Learn the how and why with your website, and actaully know what you’re doing when you make changes.



Made Right Media specializes in building websites with WordPress, an open-source platform. We work exclusively with WordPress because we feel it is the best option for our clients. WordPress is easily expandable with plugins and themes, is versatile, easy to use, is widely adopted and supported, and it’s getting better everyday.

Photos, Content, and Training

In addition to website design and development, we combine photography services and content creation to deliver one unified product. We also train our clients on how to use their website so that they don’t always have to rely on a developer to make minor changes and updates.

Strategic Partners

Beyond website design, our network of strategic partners allows us to expand our project scope with confidence. From graphic design and branding, to SEO and marketing, we’ve spent years assembling our dream team, allowing us to get the right amount of resources working on each project.

Recent Projects