SAGE Federation

A professional association for architects, designers, builders, and manufacturers.

SAGE stands for Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments, and is a group of designers, architects, builders and manufacturers involved in creating living spaces for older adults. Much more than that, they offer collaboration, education, advocacy, and so much more. They came to Made Right Media looking for a brand refresh, a new website, and a new set of tools to empower their community.

Branding and Print Collateral

Web Design

SAGE had been running their entire community on WildApricot, a popular community management tool. But they grew frustrated with WildApricot’s limitations, and desperately wanted a website that was clean, easy to use, and beautiful (their members appreciate aesthetics).
We completely rebuilt their website from scratch using the WordPress platform and powerful membership plugin. Additionally, we created a member directory that allows users to have a bio, connect with others, and network.
The website was to be maintained in-house, so we worked with SAGE to provide sufficient training to their website management team.

Automation and Consulting

SAGE has a large, active member base, runs regular educational webinars and events, has an regular newsletter. While WildApricot had managed all of these functions together, it did so poorly, trying to be a jack of all trades. Transitioning to a WordPress powered platform, we were able to integrate several best-in-class tools so SAGE could run things exactly how they wanted, but all integrated.
Made Right Media helped SAGE research and vett new tools, and integrated them all together to provide a great system for managing all of their events, members, and emails with a cost effective approach.
As part of the website, Made Right Media helped plan and construct a member directory and new member onboarding flow. The resulting UX made registering for events and managing subscriptions easier for users, and cut administration tasks down for management.