Creating a website for your business can be a challenging task.

A common question that we get from clients is the difference between a domain name and web hosting. This can definitely be a tough concept to grasp. What do these terms mean? What is the difference between the two?

You can think of a domain like your house address, but for the internet.

A domain is the location that you type into your search bar. For instance, ours is You can purchase a domain from a variety of sites and choose what you want it to be called, and a top-level domain, or the ending (.com, .net and  .org being a few examples) of your domain. Prices for different ending range anywhere from $10/year to $50/year, depending on what you choose. When you purchase a domain, you have sole ownership of that specific address, like a deed to a house.

Web hosting is what lets others look at your website.

A domain is not all you need in order to make your website online and accessible. Through a host, a company that has computers that keep your website online, you can make your website viewable to the public. Web hosting basically connects your domain to the internet. Without web hosting, it would be like having an address with an empty lot instead of a house being there.

Lastly, neither of these should be confused with the actual information on your website, or the data files. These make up the actual contents of the website, including the text and how it looks. This would be like the carpet and the color of paint your walls are in your house or even the furniture.

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