People look at pictures more than they read words. Pictures put a face and real-world image to you, your organization, and your product. Pictures allow potential clients to bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world, between a web address and your shop, and between an email and the real thing: you.



Riding on a moped in Burma

Roger capturing the moment from the back of a moped in Burma.

Any good photograph needs to be clear, original, and well-executed. But photos are also a key building block to the design and feel of your website, which means commercial photography and website design go hand in hand. Not only can we capture the image of your brand, but we can see how it will integrate into the design of your website, resulting in a more unified product.

Our Photography Style

With backgrounds in photojournalism and travel photography, where the goal is to capture the moment, we prefer natural settings and natural light, but that doesn’t mean we’re afraid of the studio and a couple of lights.


Commercial Photography

The space, the people, and the product are what make your business unique and special and tell your story. At Made Right Media, we love nabbing those moments of ‘flow’, when everything just hums along, and serving them up with great photos.

Professional Portraits

That grainy photo from your vacation seven years, sadly, will not work. You need fresh, professional bio photos for your website and your social media profiles in order to portray a consistent image across all platforms.

Sourcing and Editing

Whether from a personal collection or a stock image library, we can help find those gems, polish them up, and show them to the world.